UPDATE: Notes, resources, links and everything related to the Barcamp at droidcon Berlin 2015 can now be found here:

droidcon Berlin starts off with a barcamp on Wednesday (June 3, 2015), followed by two conference days and finally it features a one-day hackathon on Saturday. The barcamp is one of the interactive parts of droidcon Berlin, where you get the chance to actively shape the program. It's also perfect for very up-to-date topics that have emerged shortly before.
On the same day, we're having four different workshops as well.

June 3 - droidcon barcamp

The barcamp sessions are in the schedule with placeholders that will be replaced after the session idea pitches.
Accreditation starts at 8:30, the opening is at 10:00.

June 3 - workshops
11 am - 5 pm: five workshops

How can you join the barcamp?

  • get a standard/reduced/business ticket for droidcon Berlin
  • get a "barcamp only" ticket

How does it work?
If you don't know how a barcamp works, you can read the basics here.
In the morning, we're all coming together at the main stage and after an introduction by our barcamp coordinator Friedger Müffke, you'll have the chance to shortly present a topic that you would like to hold a session on. If enough people are interested, your session will be part of the barcamp program. We're scheduling all sessions as quickly as we can and then it starts!