How much does a ticket cost? All prices include VAT and handling costs.

Early Bird Ticket: 129,- € (not available anymore)

Reduced Ticket: 89,- €
Reduced tickets are only for pupils, students, people on social welfare, retirees and people with disabilities can order a reduced ticket. Please present documents at the door. 

Standard Ticket: 199,- €
Ticket grants access to the welcome party, droidcon barcamp, two days conference including Wifi, food and drinks. Please register for the hackathon separately.

Business Ticket: 399,- €
Same as Standard Ticket, plus VIP area with separate catering, ticket transferability and Berlin City Tour. Further information on Business Tickets can be found on the FAQ page regarding the Business Ticket.

Barcamp Only Ticket: 15,- €
"Barcamp Only Tickets" grant access to the Barcamp on June 3, 2015.

droidcon Hackathon: 0,- €
The Hackathon sign-up is free and open for everyone, it grants access to the droidcon Hackathon (June 6). Registration mandatory for droidcon ticket holders as well. Limited amount of spots available!

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