What are the benefits of buying a Business Ticket?

  • Access to the VIP Area
    with separate catering during all three days. Meals and drinks are included in the Business Ticket and are available throughout the day in VIP lounge. All warm meals are freshly prepared and vegetarian/vegan options are also available.
  • Transferability
    In contrast to Standard Tickets, Business Tickets are transferable during the event. For companies this means that colleagues can alternate attendance by sharing the company ticket. Changing is only possible for full days.
  • City tour
    For those who would like to get a closer look at Berlin sights, we will organize a city tour, which is included in Business Tickets.
  • Supporting droidcon Berlin
    Buying a Business Ticket helps to ensure that droidcon Berlin can keep the low prices for our Reduced Tickets.
  • Cancellation
    Business Tickets can be cancelled

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