droidcon Berlin photo challenge

Victor Manuel Vitinius

droidcon Berlin attendees get the opportunity to take part at our photo challenge. As most of you already noticed throughout the whole conference area attendees can find Android droidbots. Team up with the droidcon Berlin mascot – which we understand as integral parts of the droidcon Berlin team – and take a picture mit Dina, the soccer nerd, Doris, the bavarian dog lover, or Dieter, the Berlin lover.

What’s in for you?

First of all, you make our droidbots and us very happy, but besides the satisfaction of your and our silliness, you can choose between a book of your choice from one our media partners (O’Reilly, Rheinwerk Verlag, dpunkt Verlag, web&developer Magazine, Enough Software) or a tshirt from one of our event partners Berlin Partner and droidcon London (thanks to Novoda and Skillsmatter).

How does it work?
Take a picture, upload it on twitter, instagram, facebook or google+ and make a post with the hashtag #droidconDE. As soon your picture is online, go to the information counter, show your post and choose between one of the books or shirts.

Who is the friendly guy on the photo?
That's Victor Manuel Vitinius. Most of the time, you will find him at the accreditation desk at droidcon Berlin. Besides his apprenticeship as an event manager he likes his two cats and loves the soccer club 1. FC Köln.

Have fun!
your droidcon Berlin team