Impressions of the barcamp & 1st conference day

Friedger Müffke

We put together some first impressions of the barcamp, yesterday, and the first conference day, today. Find pictures from our barcamp organizer Friedger Müffke, barcamp participants of the session on “UX Hackathon: Paper Prototyping“, the keynote speaker, Janne Jul Jensen, and as well as from the crowd of “hardcore developers” as Janne Jul Jensen named the audience today.

Find more photos on our flickr stream:

Friedger Müffke, Barcamp organizer of droidcon Berlin, Novoda

 Paper Prototyping
Participants of the UX Hackathon: Paper Prototyping

Janne Jul Jensen
Keynote speaker Janne Jul Jensen, Trifork.

Crowd of harcore developers
Crowd of hardcore developers

Photos: cc-by-sa 2.0 Gregor Fischer