Mobility is getting smart(er)

Googles self-driving car – photo: cc-by-sa smoothgroover22

The Automotive market is changing rapidly: Innovative startups, car manufacturers and big internet companies are working on their ideas around the connected car. That's why, on Friday, June 6, we have a conference track on connected cars. Three exciting talks and a panel will give you a general overview of the topic as well as some in-depth insights.

An Introduction to Android Auto

Thomas Krüger will provide an introduction to Google's approach of the connected car: Android Auto. If you want to get started with it, you should definitely join this session to learn about the SDK, the APIs, Design Guidelines and more!

Connected Cars - Data on Wheels (discussion)

Todays cars are already “Data on Wheels”. Our experts will have a look at different aspects of the developments in the Automotive sector. The panel will feature: Jörn Eichler, Head of Department "Secure Software Engineering" at Fraunhofer AISEC, Gerd Leutner, lawyer and partner at CMS Hasche Sigle, Angelos Kapsimanis, Senior Software Engineer at Advanced Telematic Systems, Patrick Vogel, CEO at Autonomos GmbH and Stephan Dörner, tech-reporter at Die Welt.

5 Product Trends for the Connected Car Market

Vuc Trifkovic thinks that success in the connected car market is not a question of technology alone, but rather a question of the right approach to the product. In his session, he intends to present 5 main product trends for the connected cars market.

Open and secure operating environment for mobility-related applications

The FNA consortium develops a platform for secure access of smart devices to vehicle IT-infrastructure, without being able to manipulate the vehicle itself. Carl-Ernst Forchert will talk about it and its potential.

Photo: cc-by-sa 2.0 smoothgroover22