Time to hack!

droidcon hackathon

The droidcon Berlin hackathon takes place on Saturday, June 6. The registration is mandatory but free and prices for the winning teams will be provided by our sponsors at the end of the day.

About the hackathon

The droidcon hackathon is your chance of putting into practice what you have learned during the conference and maybe form some lasting partnerships by bringing your ideas to life! You’ll be joining forces with other passionate Android developers to create something unique - this hack will attract some of the most talented coders and creative experts!

What's going to happen during the hackathon?

The Postbahnhof will open its doors at 8 am. Better come early and get some breakfast before the hackathon begins. Thereafter, our partners like Relayr and Advanced Telematic Systems will present their challenges. Now it's time to form groups and agree on projects to hack on during the day. There will be on-site contact persons of the respective projects who will give strong support, learning effects guaranteed! Thanks to our hackathon partner Delivery Hero, a full catering will be provided for the whole day. Leave your sandwiches at home, there will be enough for everyone!


Postbahnhof Berlin (ground floor)


Saturday, June 6, 2015
08:00 am – 09:00 am    Doors open/Breakfast
09:00 am – 10:00 am    Presentations of projects/group formation
10:00 am – 05.50 pm    Hacking time
05.50 pm                         Submission deadline
06:00 pm – 06.45pm     Group presentations
06.45 pm – 07.15pm     Presentation ceremony
followed by a public viewing of the Champions League Final FC Barcelona – Juventus Turin (Kick-off: 20:45)

Our challenges in a nutshell

For now, we are happy to announce three challenges. After the project presentation, it's up to you how you want to make use and work with the given input.

"Build and program automotive robots" (limited to 12 participants)

Build your own automotive robots with LEGO Mindstorms. After building simple vehicles using standard building instructions, we will dive into the programming of the vehicles. You can create cars which collect data while driving around and cars which communicate with each other (car2car), with infrastructure (car2x) or with your android device. You can even create vehicles with (semi-)autonomous abilities. Please check out http://www.lejos.org/ for documentation of the Java programming abilities of the mindstorms system in preparation to this hackathon (we will only have EV3 and NXT systems on site). Also, bring your personal computer with your preferred and ideally prepared programming environment. Due to practicability issues, this challenge is limited to 12 participants!

Our advice: Come early and be one of the first 12 to register for the project!

"Data Science using San Francisco's cab fleet" - (API)

Imagine there would be access to the information that could guarantee you to find a cab at any time and place. As in Berlin, San Francisco and everywhere else in the world: Cab drivers are cruising through the city for the whole day just to find customers. What if you have access to all the information of where cab drivers find customers, where they bring them, and where empty cabs are driving around? This project will provide you will all necessary data in an easily consumable API and even more: We will provide you with an example app that gets you started using our API and visualizing your own algorithm. You're also welcome to hack directly with the API and surprise us with your creativity.

"Making Devices Smart: Integrating The WunderBar with Dumb Devices - (Hardware)

"This is all about high-speed innovation! In times where technology is developing rapidly and being connected is a must, our old dumb devices are starting to lose out to new smarter ones that enable us to have better control over our activities and the world around us. However, smart devices can be much more expensive than traditional ones.

What if we could make our old dumb devices smart and affordable, or create better smart options? We challenge you to make the difference by transforming dumb devices into smart ones, or making existing smart devices even smarter, by empowering them with the WunderBar and the relayr cloud.

More in-depth information about the challenges, the prices and the timetable can be found here. Stay tuned - further projects are coming.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at our droidcon Berlin Hackathon!

photo: Thomas Wegner (flickr) CC-BY-SA 2.0