This Year's Workshops


A droidcon workshop is a space that provides both - the tools and the area to code. Here, innovative ideas can flourish and one can meet to create something more meaningful and unique with other fellow developers. Have a look at this year's workshops. All of them take place on Wednesday, June 3rd.

At Beyond reality - Epson Moverio/Unity3D Sean McCracken will introduce the binocular see-through glasses or simply called “smart glasses”. The word simply might be misleading here. Indeed these devices are capable of a lot of things. From 12pm to 1pm he will provide you with tips and tricks as he introduces the device capabilities so that you can experience them yourself.

Rudy Jahchan and Sue Yeh from Carbon Five will give the workshop Getting Started in VR on waerables and devices, which takes place at 4pm. Android is leading the way in making Virtual Reality less "virtual" and more real...but how do we Android developers get started? And what challenges should we expect to face? These are a few of the questions they will tackle in this special hands-on workshop, where a simple VR game will be created together. Prepare yourself for this workshop and make sure that you have Android Studio and Unity 5 installed on your system. Before the workshop you will be helped with the setup. Follow Sue Anna Yeh or Rudy Jahchan on Twitter to get information on when and where that install jam will be held.

At 2pm you can join André Diermann's workshop about one of the fundamental parts of the Android Developer Tools, Android Lint. The documentation on how to write custom Lint rules is rare and deprecated. Hence, this workshop will highlight the creation of custom Lint rules via the demonstration of how to write different types of rules, be it code, resource or project structure related. Did we get your attention? Follow this link for the full description of this insightful and hands-on workshop.

Let us move on to hacking. At 11am, the Novoda designer Leonie Brewin, will show you how to create paper prototypes to rapidly test ideas and gather feedback to inform design decisions. For further information check out the full description here.

Another workshop that is linked to hacking will be given by Nidhi Shah from Codepath. The workshop provides you with a hands-on working session, where a fully functional app will be build that incorporates the best of Material design and will demonstrate best-in-class industry practices for common idioms. Her workshop takes place at 3pm and further information can be found here.

This year's workshops are a further chance for you to learn about all the latest Android advances, listen to expert speakers, see fantastic new technologies, and meet the international Android community in a casual setting. All of the workshop can be found in the session overview under format and then “workshop“.

Photo: cc-by-sa 2.0 Thomas Wegner