Android @ Dropbox - Engineering for performance and delight

06/05/2015 - 12:20 to 13:00
Stage 1

Session abstract: 

At Dropbox, we consider ourselves stewards of the world's data. Our goal is to build the best possible home for your data. For personal users, this often means your memories. For business users, this means building a safe and secure platform for productivity and collaboration.

Dropbox is a complex system comprised of many parts - the various services in the cloud that make up our infrastructure and the client apps on Web, Desktop and Mobile that provide access to the service. We actually have three mobile apps - Dropbox, Carousel and Mailbox. The Dropbox app provides access to all your files and folders, and is used by hundreds of millions of users. Carousel is a delightful way to see all your photos in one place - it gives you a "Camera Roll" that is backed by the cloud. And Mailbox is a better way to manage your email - it lets you treat your email as a TO-DO list.

My name is Aakash, and I lead the Dropbox Android team. In this talk, I would like to highlight a few of the things we're doing in our mobile apps to build a great user experience. Specifically, I'm going to talk about optimizing the photo loading pipeline in Carousel so that you never have to see a grey square instead of a thumbnail. Then I'll talk about how we built an onboarding flow in the Dropbox app that's synchronized with the web, and gives new users a tour of what you can do with Dropbox. Finally, if there's time, I'll dig into how the Mailbox app and service work closely together to give you an elegant email experience.