Android meets a BeagleBone in the IoT World

Wearables / Devices
06/04/2015 - 15:20 to 15:40
Stage 4

Session abstract: 

As we all know Android runs on Smartphones, TVs, watches, cars but also on single-board computers like the BeagleBone Black. A BeagleBone Black has digital and analog inputs and outputs and supports bus protocols like I2C and SPI. It also has an HDMI output and the ability to connect a (touch) display.

I'll start with an Internet of Things (IoT) overview and take a look at the potential of Android as IoT device. In a demo (with source code) I'll show how to read sensors data (e.g. light, temperature) and control actuators (e.g. LEDs) with an Android App. An additional demo will show the CPU time or memory usage of a selected Linux process ID (PID) on a 7-segment display (like old alarm clocks) to monitor Android Apps.