Connected Cars - Data on Wheels (discussion)

Connected Cars
06/05/2015 - 14:30 to 15:25
Stage 2

Session abstract: 

Undoubtedly, new connectivity features for vehicles are one major trend that will change the automotive industry. Today’s vehicles are already “data on wheels”, i.e., a mobile agglomeration of multiple, different sensors integrated within a network of numerous electronic control units. Nevertheless, connectivity of vehicles to communicate with other vehicles, telematic systems, OEM backends, and third party services allows for completely new use cases and business models in this industry. These changes will affect existing and new stakeholders in the industry like car owners, OEMs, suppliers, insurance companies, law enforcement but also development companies, service providers, and others.

Connected “data on wheels” has a two-sided reality: A massive upstream of environmental observations measured by vehicles becomes possible. Similarly, new functions and assistance systems consume huge amounts of (centralized) data with high quality requirements. In all these changes, Android is entering the stage. This panel will discuss the current status and implications for tech people already in or about to enter this industry. It will feature participants with different perspectives on “data on wheels” and will address the following questions:

• Is Android Auto a step to open automotive systems for external developers?

• Will open source frameworks like Android Auto also drive open data approaches with respect to connected car scenarios?

• Is Android and its community mature enough to develop real-time and safety-related systems?