Continuous Integration for Mobile

Code Quality
06/05/2015 - 11:00 to 11:20
Stage 1

Session abstract: 

Mobile apps are a multi-billion market and one of the fastest growing sectors of technology, but the development of the apps does not meet the quality standards of backend systems.

A small agile team can produce prototypes and MVPs efficiently, but once the project scales, tools like beta distribution platforms enable all stakeholders to be engaged and informed, while developers focus on producing high quality software.

This (45 mins) talk will outline our experiences with implementing continuous integration and providing meaningful reports, which are essential for decision making. As well as providing an environment the developers which helps to identify problems in the codebase or with the implementation.

Another important factor is the distribution of the application to the different departments for test, demo and acceptance. We will show how it is possible that stakeholders are able to create and distribute builds depending on their needs.

A project template will be presented, which boilerplates robolectric for android tests, apium for automated UI tests, and a Jenkins setup which orchestrates the build test and distribution, using internal distribution tools such as crashlytics and hockeyapp.