Developing Mobile Device Management for 15 million devices (Case study)

06/05/2015 - 16:30 to 17:10
Stage 4

Session abstract: 

Majority of Android projects are about a single device. However most of world-class applications like WhatsApp, Spotify, and Facebook have a server farm running to power the app. Developers need some insight into the server-side back-end, app – server communications, and remote application management.

In this class you will learn architecture and key development issues of a Mobile Device Management (MDM) system capable of managing more than 15 million Android devices produced by various manufacturers. Author will share analysis, design, development, and deployment experience and explain crucial decisions affecting system performance and manageability. You will learn device administration techniques, solutions for network issues and techniques for reducing battery consumption.

The described system is a real-life project which has been developed for Ministry of Education of Turkey and is running successfully since 2013.