Enabling Smart Crowds - Developing Android Applications For De-Centralized Networks

Wearables / Devices
06/04/2015 - 15:20 to 15:40
Stage 1

Session abstract: 

De-centralized wireless networks are the key building block for multiple areas, both on a social and technological level alike. Examples range from simple chat applications enabling people to organize and collaborate in politically oppressed countries, empowerment of smart crowds to device to device communication in an everything-is-connected world. However, building applications supporting a secure, robust and resilient de-centralized network is hard.

We at mesh:ine are building the next generation of ad hoc networks. Our employees have a strong academic background in the design and implementation of these networks. Our toolchain includes simulation and emulation environments, virtualisation and wireless testbeds. While you cannot tackle every problem with every tool, we are going to talk about specific application areas and what's suited best suited for certain scenarios.

We are also going to discuss In this talk the status quo of device-to-device communication and how this is going to impact the design, implementation and test of applications for de-centralized networks using Android.