Google on Android - Are there alternatives?

06/05/2015 - 14:00 to 14:20
Stage 4

Session abstract: 

Android is the open and free mobile platform we all love and use on a daily basis. Google did great in developing and shaping this platform and provides a hole ecosystem with services greatly integrated. Google services form the reference that is nearly unbeatable concerning convenience and features. This is not only true for the end-user but also for the developer. So why should you even consider using or developing alternative services? This talk is about the advantages using the integrated Google services and the reasons why there are sometimes still reasons not to use them. We are trying to highlight this topic from the perspective of a developer as well as of an end-user. First thing that might be on your mind are the privacy concerns of the Post-Snowden-Era. We won't solely focus on this topic, but will address the privacy in terms of enterprise data and legal regulations that apply for companies in Germany and Europe. The alternatives we selected will be compared with the Google services in terms of features and ease of use. We think there is a business for apps that are serious about privacy and competition will stimulate the diversity of the market. We want to engage developers to think outside the box and do something great.

Alternatives you might want to try:

Personal cloud solutions:
* Owncloud
* Tine 2.0
* Radicale
* Baïkal
* Open Media Vault
* BitTorrent Sync

Custom firmwares:
* CyanogenMod
* Paranoid Android
* OmniROM
* Android Open Kang Project (AOKP)

App stores:
* Amazon App Store
* F-Droid
* Distribute your app on your web site!

Push message solutions:
* Urban Airship
* Openmobster
* RabbitMQ
* Deacon
* Amazon Simple Notification Service
* Amazon Device Messaging

Location and maps:
* Mapbox
* Nokia Here Maps
* Skobbler

Stay open also for further alternatives or even create your own!