An Introduction to Android Auto

Connected Cars
06/05/2015 - 14:00 to 14:20
Stage 2

Session abstract: 

It has been a lot going on since the first version of Android in 2008!
After thousands of devices and even after Android Wear in 2014 it's now time for Android Auto!

Connected cars are going the be future and Android Auto will play a big role in this scenario.
This is where this session comes in:
It'll give you a brief overview and introduction of the brand new Android Auto SDK and it's APIs.
You want to get started with Android Auto? - Then you should definitely attend this session!
The four main points in this talk are about the initial question:
What is Android Auto - and why should I start developing for it?
Followed by some neat facts and informations about the special Designing Guidelines in Android Auto,
starting with your first Code and of course with some practical thoughts about scenarios and usecases of Android Auto.

Why not be part of the future? And start with Android Auto - Right now!