Open and secure operating environment for mobility-related applications

Connected Cars
06/05/2015 - 16:30 to 17:10
Stage 2

Session abstract: 

The FNA consortium develops a platform for secure access of smart devices to vehicle IT-infrastructure, without being able to manipulate the vehicle itself.
  • Origin of the idea
  • Potential of mobility-related applications
  • Requirements and elements
  • Solution
  • Project partner and co-creation-process

In addition, data of Apps are transferred to the Internet in a secure way and are suitable archived and visualized over Web pages. Doing so, a traditional telematics platform is new created and is serving the following purposes:

  • A data repository for vehicle geospatial data
  • Support for Apps on smartphones, which are connected via Wi-Fi to the platform
  • Receiving sensor information from the vehicle to the platform
  • Transfer of data / programs between platform and cloud