Sub - Saharan Africa - a new challenge for Android Developers

06/04/2015 - 11:00 to 11:20
Stage 4

Session abstract: 

The transformation of Solar Power to electric energy is on its way to rural, off-grid Africa. More and more households gain access to clean and affordable electrical energy by Solar Home Systems. At the same time Smartphones are penetrating the markets. These phones are mainly powered by Android, manufactured by chinese manufacturers like Tecno and sold at retail prices between 50 and 150 USD.  It turns Sub-Saharan Africa into the fastest growing Smartphone market for the years to come.

Most of the time Smartphones are the very first personal computers people get in touch with. This creates new challenges for software provided,  interface design and UX concepts. 

Mobisol, a Berlin based company,  is providing clean and affordable Solar Home Systems to rural customers in off-grid Africa. It heavily relies on Smartphones for internal business processes as well as for interactions with its customers.

This talk will give you an impression of our experiences and learnings with implementing Android Applications in East Africa and our outlook to the very next years to come. It is the chance to see Mobile Computing from a very different angle and to keep up to date with the fastest growing and most promising global market for mobile handsets and applications.