Ivan Morgillo

Senior Android Developer and Co-founder

I started playing with Android in late 2010 as an embedded engineer, then I moved to the "Application layer", publishing a few weekend projects.

I approached Reactive Programming in 2013 and I started using it in Android thanks to RxJava by Netflix. I'm using it in every Android app I work on since then, because RxJava solves so many issues on Android and it gives you a new perspective about mobile programming.

My personal most popular Android app is Kindle Gratis, a Kindle companion app with almost 100k downloads. I like Open Source projects. I'm a big fan of a lot of fancy Android libraries out there and I contribute with bug reporting, fixing and feedbacks.

In 2013 I co-founded Alter Ego, a mobile and embedded solutions company. We currently have a couple open source projects and we are working on an IoT project that will hit the market this year.

In the meantime I published RxJava Essentials for Packt Publishing