Patrick Vogel

Geschäftsführer / CEO

During the past five years, Patrick has been promoting autonomous driving. His team from Autonomos Labs brought one of the first self-driving testing vehicles onto the public roads of Berlin in 2011, followed by appearances in Mexico City and Zurich.

Before founding Autonomos GmbH with his teammates of the intelligent systems and robotics group in 2012, he helped to build up innovation-labs at the Freie Universitaet Berlins working groups for Artificial Intelligence and Biocomputing. He graduated in Business Administration with an early focus on Technology- and Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship with a minor in Business Computer Science. Autonomos GmbH is a technology company with expertise in all aspects of sensor data to help a car “perceive” its surrounding. Their own product range is focused on intelligent cameras and assistance systems for commercial vehicles. One of their first prototypes is a reverse assistance system developed for the Berlin waste management company (BSR).