Rudy Jahchan

Team Lead

Rudy’s fascination with mixing technology and storytelling began at age 7 when he mistakenly picked up the Micro-Adventure book Space Attack (he thought it was going to be about Star Wars).

That happy accident led him to graduate from McGill University in Computer Science and start a career in software development playing with a wide range of technology: everything from web applications to cryptology to NoSQL. Since 2008, he has been leading teams for agile consulting shop <a href="">Carbon Five</a> at their Santa Monica office, working on exciting projects in Ruby, Node.js, iOS, Android, and more.

At the same time, Rudy has worked on many side-projects. He is best known as co-creator of the web series <a href="">Galacticast</a> and <a href="">A Comicbook Orange</a> and the mobile app <a href="">Craft Check</a>. Between them, they have garnered millions of downloads, and attention from mainstream media, awards and fans.

He continues to hack together his passions of story-telling and coding into wonderful worlds for people to play in.


droidcon Berlin 2015

droidcon Berlin 2015