Ulrich Norbisrath

Professor Mobile Computing

Ulrich Norbisrath is a Professor at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria.  He teaches courses on ubiquitous and mobile systems and agile and visual software development. He is involved in research projects from the areas of Mobile Authentication, AR, VR, Ubiquitous Computing and Information Management. In his work as a consultant he advises and coordinates development teams of start-ups in the mobile industry. He is the technical and development lead of the key technology for simple and secure mobile biometric authentication (MobiComBiom) at BIOMETRY.com. He invented the concept of Friend-to-Friend (F2F) Computing (http://f2f.ulno.net) and is one of the founders of the Search-Logger project (http://www.search-logger.com). He is currently working on creating a biometric technologies broker framework, and researching new ways to support complex search.